AKBAR, (1542-1602) third emperor of India (1556-1605) generally considered the true founder Mughal
Empire. The son of Emperor Humayyun, he was born in Umarkot, Sindh and succeeds to the throne at
the age of 13.Akbar’s supreme achievement; however was the establishment of an ecient administrative
system that held the empire together and laid the foundation of great MUGHAL DYNASTY which
rule India for over 200 years. He built an exquisite new capital, Fatehpur Sikri near Agra and the Red fort,
beside the Yamuna River in Agra; this is where his highly cultivated grandson, SAHJAHAN, whose love
for his wife, ARJOMAND, inspired the construction of the most ethereally beautiful of all edics:


AKBAR’S grandfather BABAR ,was descendant of Turkish conqueror Taimur on his father side and of the
Mughal conqueror Genghis khan on his mother’s side.akbar and the cultures of his ancestors with that
of India and was the greatest contributor to the unique cuisine known as “MUGHLAI CUSINE” of
Indai.The MUGHALS were great gourmets with a whole army of cooks whose descendants can still be
found in the gallie named after them in the MOTIA MAHAL Locality of DELHI’S JAMA MASJID.This gallies
of BAWARCHIS is always smelling of tasty khanas that is cooked there for weddings, feast and other occasions.
Today, you going to experience the same INDIAN MUGHALA CUSINE at you own AKBAR RESTAURANT.
The Mughalai cuisine is renewed for its unique aroma, traditional Indian spices, upulent sauces and the
method of cooking such as clay oven grills, shallow fried kebabs, and dumpukht Biryanis and famous
Dal Makhani.To ensure the authenticity, and we use only the nest quality of spices own in from Delhi’s

JAMA MASJID including the fresh halal Mutton.